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If you’re currently trying to figure out where you should go to college, then you already know it’s a tough decision to make for more than one reason. Yes, your primary concern is getting a top-notch education so you can get off to a great start in your field of choice. However, you’re also choosing a place to live for the next several years, so you want to pick the right location.

California is world-famous for its beauty and laidback lifestyle, so most people wouldn’t need much convincing to pay the Golden State a visit. But there are some genuinely excellent reasons to heading out west to get your education, as well. Here’s a closer look at a few of them.

1. Incredible Diversity

California comes attached to a long, rich multicultural heritage, so it’s an incredibly diverse place to live. Whoever you are and whatever walk of life you come from, you’re sure to feel right at home. Many of California’s best schools are top picks for international students, as well, so it’s an excellent destination for students who are looking for a truly multicultural experience. After all, the college experience is about learning from your fellow students just as much as your professors.

2. High-Quality Education

The University of California school system is well-known for the top-tier education it offers. Ten of them are known as “public ivy” schools, meaning students can go there to get a high-quality education to rival what they’d get at Yale or Harvard but without the prohibitively expensive price tag attached. California has a lot to offers those looking to earn a California degree online, as well, so it’s truly the best of every world.

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3. Rich Art Scene

If you aspire to a career in art, film, theater, or music, you’ll want to at least consider getting your education in California. Not only do countless California schools offer stellar programs in both the fine arts and the performing arts, but you won’t come up short on venues where you can appreciate the arts, either. California is packed with theaters, art galleries, concert halls, and music festivals for artistic spirits of all types to explore.

4. Silicon Valley

If tech is more your thing, California’s a great place to expose yourself to that, as well. Some of the most famous, respected technology companies are located in California’s Silicon Valley, including Netflix, Google, and Facebook, to name just a handful. And although a proper Ivy League education never hurts anyone, many of the best schools to attend if you want to work in Silicon Valley are located right there in California. (San Jose University is just one awesome example.

5. Abundant Sunshine

If you’re a sun worshiper, then California will make you swear you died and went straight to heaven. Much of California is idyllically warm all year round, especially if you’re headed for Southern California. You can get your education during the week and unwind in style at the beach on the weekends.

6. Fantastic Food

If you’re a proud connoisseur of fantastic eating, California cuisine is the best of both worlds – delectably delicious and flavorful, as well as healthy and fresh. Healthy living and organic eating are big deals out there, while signature foods include creamy avocados, plump tomatoes, and some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever eat. The cuisine is as multicultural as the communities, as well, meaning California is a terrific place to grab an authentic Mexican taco or an incredible plate of sushi.

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7. Epic Road Trips

What college student doesn’t love taking a fantastic road trip once in a while? If you go to school in California, your next road trip for the ages is only as far away as a beautiful trip down the Pacific Coast Highway or Route 66. The entire state is filled with must-see locations, so start making your bucket list now, and don’t forget to pack your camera! You’ll undoubtedly wind up glad you did.